Cache and Weber County Quarterly Numbers

Cache County Sales Per Quarter

Like Cache County, Weber County quarterly numbers show that the market is on a steady increase.  It looks like all of Northern Utah is in sync when it comes to a solid real estate market.  With a steady job growth thanks to many big companies moving to Utah in the past few years, along with a strong entrepreneurial startups, the job market makes for a solid foundation for the real estate market.  There are currently 768 homes on the market in Weber County, which is double the number of residential properties in Cache Valley.  Weber County provides a convenient location for travel to SLC, as well as many recreational activities.  Search for homes here and contact us to help out where we can.

Cache County quarterly numbers show that the market is on a steady increase, which is exactly what we need for a healthy market.  It’s important to mention that we are seeing historic lows when it comes to number of homes on the market, which puts us into a strong sellers market.  Currently there are only 281 active residential homes in Cache Valley.  Typically we are hovering around 600 this time of year, and it increases as we approach spring.  If you’re in need of selling, now is the perfect time to list your home.  And if you’re buying, interest rates are still low, but it’s rumored that those rates will be increasing in the coming year.  So if you can find the home that works for you, don’t hesitate to jump on it while prices aren’t maxed out, and rates are still low.

Weber County Real Estate Market